LGBT Rights

Rangin is dissolved

The Rangin Foundation has been dissolved, following you can find a list of the other communities and foundations that remain active. Dissolution Notice

The organisation aims to bring the Newly arrived, Asylum Seekers and Refuges LGBT memebers of community together to develop welcoming safe place environment for its memebers here in the UK.
The organisation started off back in 2006 by advocating for LGBT Human Rights and focuced on LGBT Refugee situations on the groud in transit and host countries.

This organisation is one of the first projects Spectrum, a French Non Governmental Organization

“Dojensgara” aims to be the first non-biased secure source of information about bisexuality – and pansexuality – in Persian, not only to fulfill the existing gap, but also to give a voice to bisexuals from any gender.

Independent radio for LGBT community in Iran, Afghanistan and Tajikistan broadcasting on Shortwave and Satellite.